Frequently asked questions

Are your bunnies friendly?

Yes! We make sure to socialize and hanlde them as much as possible. I have young children and we all interact with them on a daily basis, so they are very used to children handlig them too. Bunnies are naturally skittish and shy, they have a lot of natural predators and it is part of their basic instincts. BUT, bunnies do get to know you, they can fall in love with you and they will get used to you! It takes time, patience and daily interactions but I promise, you will have a wonderful relationship with your bunny as long as you do your part too! :)

Do I have to feed my bunny hay every day?


Hay is their main nutritional source. Bunnies require continuous access to hay and water 24/7. It ensures that the bunny’s gut stays strong and moving. Rabbits have a very complex digestive system and they need to constantly snack on hay throughout the day to keep things moving and their teeth filled!

What Cage size is best for my bunny?

Bunnies like to exercise, I always recommend people get a cage in which their bunny can fully stretch when laying down, hop at least 3 to 4 times from one side of the cage to the other and can stand up on their hind legs without touching the roof of the cage.

If you plan on keeping your bunny caged, I recommend to get a type of pen to put around the cage so the bunny can hop in and out of the cage and have plenty of room to play and exercise in the pen.

Please, make sure that whatever fence you choose, your bunny can't get his head or any other body parts stuck in. Also make sure that it is tall enough so your bunny can stay safely inside the pen while you are sleeping, at work or running errands.

I let my bunnies free roam in my house often, they love to explore!

I can email you our Posh Bunnies Car Guide, where you can find more information on freeroaming and bunny proofing a house :)

Do you have available bunnies?

Our Available Bunnies Page www.theposhbunnyburrow.com/shop is updated and verified for accuracy daily! It is where you will find all of our currently available bunnies.

How much are your Bunnies?

Prices vary by breed, show vs pet quality, color and purpose. We have 3 Breeds and their pricing ranges anywhere from $65 to $500. Please see our Available Bunnies Page at www.theposhbunnyburrow.com/shop for pricing and information on all of our currently available bunnies. Thank you